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. you see zuckerberg doing something for obama, something for republican governor christie. where are they in their politics >> from what -- from the people i've talked to, i don't think that they even know. and a lot of the republican organizers of this very thing are saying that a lot of these multimillionaire, mounta multibillionaire techies are just learning how government affects their industries for good and bad. some of them think the obama administration does stifle business growth. so they want to get involved. >> erin, thank you. >>> our sports lead. if you had florida gulf coast in it the sweet 16, you're lying. the team from a city more well known for its snowboard birds and retirees and for red sox spring training is making ncaa history and making it look easy, dunking and dancing their way into the sweet 16. the first-ever 15 seed to make it that far, john berman, who i might observe is bringing up the rear in our own cnn anchor ncaa poll, has more on the magical run. john, thanks for joining us. >> jake, thank you. thankfully this is not about me. as you said, flori
a stranger of the person i lived with and loved for 42 something live. >> president obama now calls the law unconstitutional. house republicans are defending it in court. a new pew research center shows the majority of americans now support gay marriage. researchers say it shows the largest change in opinions on a policy issue in a decade. in washington i'm danielle lee, nbc news. >>> moving on to business, shares in yahoo! hit a new 52-week high this morning. the company bought a new startup as well. scott mcgrew joins us. you were thinking about young ceos but in this case very young. >> he just turned 18. he invented something, he and as a 17-year-old. yahoo! bought his company lock, stock, and barrel. we don't know the exact price but it's in the few tens of millions of dollars. shares in yahoo! hitting that new 52-week high you mentioned, up $0.19 this morning. wall street in a very good mood after the company of cyprus was able to prevent its own bankruptcy by grabbing bank accounts of its own depositors. cyprus about the size of yahoo! if you compare gdp to market capitalization" goo
, then people ask why we are not doing something. lou: senator carl lvin, , pushig president obama to take a hands-on approach to the removal of bashar al-assad. and as senator john mccain looking for a no-fly zone to be instituted. whe calling for surgical airstrikes to help drive the bashar al-assad. the president repeated that any evidence of this weapon to use would be a game changer, as he put it. president obama defended his administration's reluctance to use military force to quell the syrian civil war. >> when we are working with the syrians themselves, so this is t externally imposed, but rather something that is linked directly with the aspirations of the people inside of syria, it will work better. lou: the king has also said the same. inside jordan comment they are the they delivered with answer should bashar al-assad we powers. >> we need to institute a transition as quickly as possible. if the issue ever came up, all of us would have to put our heads together and figure out if that would help the balce quickly. lou: the senate in the midst of a vote. their expressions, not ou
and if it doesn't people say why aren't you doing something military. >> chris: president obama in the middle east defending his rehe fusal to take direct mill tare arery action to help the rebels in syria. we are back with the panel. the president is continue and i was thinking how describe is the half in half out policy with regard to the civil war if syria. expanding training and intelligence support for the secular rebels but this while the islamic jihaddists seem to be strengthening and the blood shed continues. tough issue. what is the right answer? >> i think we have a massive bipartisan failure extending over a decade. i think it will get worse in libya and egypt and syria. it will get worse in iraq. get worse in iran. it going to get worse in afghanistan. >> chris: do we he intervene militarily and then set up the possibility for the jihaddist rebels. >> that is the problem. we have no national strategy. we haven't begun the debate how will you live in the world where you have people, talk about the peace process which is an insanity. the morning he arrives there are rockets fire inside i
. obama was reelected despite his attempts to prevent that. so, they both have an interest in getting something done. i think it is highly remote that anything will get done. the neighborhood has only gotten more dangerous. >> colby king? >> i thought it was important that he made the trip. ultimately, if there is going to be peace in the area it will have to come from those on the ground. the united states can not do it from the outside. george bush tried unsuccessfully. every president has tried and all failed because of the participants. >> what has changed? the settlements continue, but it is no longer number one on president obama's agenda. >> the president has acknowledged the mistake early on, but let's be frank, the relationship has changed. netanyahu embraced, endorsed and basically campaigned for mitt romney, who did not carry florida, which was supposed to be the cornerstone of the campaign strategy. barack obama did get reelected and made a case that the two- state solution was imperative for israel's values, that we do not have people that will be stopped at every checkpo
, and the nasdaq lost ten points. on the domestic front, president obama called upon congress to, quote, finish the job on immigration. speaking during a citizenship ceremony at the white house, president obama stressed the importance of getting something done. >> we have known for years that the immigration system is broken, not doing enough to harness the ingenuity of those who work hard to find a place here in america, and after avoiding the problem for years, the time has come to fix it once and for all. the time's come from the comprehensive, sensible immigration reform. lou: the president went on to put a time line on the issue saying he wanted congress to debate immigration reform next month, and that he wants a bill to sign as soon as possible. he's rallying support for gun control, and new york city mayor michael bloomberg is picking 7:the slack, pumping $12 million of his own money into a national ad campaign trying to persuade senators to support expanded background checks, and cbs learned the hard way not to mess with american's veterans or my fox news colleague. the network angered
number of republicans in the house was 192. today we have 230 something, and it is absolutely right to figure out what you did wrong, and the obama people outperformed republicans in a number of ways. the idea that we are on the brink of going out of business is overstated. >> do you think that there is with the report that the chairman put together and if the republican party is willing to commit to reach out, is that the answer to try to expand the party by paying people to put operatives out there, to make that connection, to look for ways to expand the party? who it attracts? >> that is a big part of it. i commend the chairman. it was a very thoughtful, thorough report. it has some good recommendations. that is one of them. the fact is the obama campaign and the democrats did a good job of having people out there. they did that better than we did. they had a presence in all communities you had that you needed to turn out, to win. we need to be in the community year round, cycle through cycle, not just in the last three months of an election. having storefront campaign headquarte
something done. i would like to see some concrete movement on gun control. wait a minute. obama is back but congress, oh, they're on spring break. ♪ okay, maybe it's not like that. but the house, that's spr spring breakers. the house and senate are in recess and pro forma session for two weeks. no shock there. congress usually heads home around passover and easter. this time there is so much left undone. immigration, the deficit, the long term budget plan and they haven't cleaned up their room. while the president is pushing ahead with his second term priorities today, he hosted a 28 brand new american citizens at the white house including 13 service members. >> after avoiding the problem for years, the time has come to fix it once and for all. the time has come for a comprehensive, sensible immigration reform. we are making progress but we've got to finish the job. we've just got at this point to work up the political courage to do what is required to be done. so i expect a bill to be put forward. i speck the debate to begin next month. i want to sign that bill into law as soon as po
, a former ambassador to n.a.t.o. and secretary under president clinton and now you've got president obama morsi discussing the collapse of egypt. and that's something we don't want over here and that's one of the reasons we're keeping an eye over there. >> i don't see the prospect of the state collapsing, but i think that morsi's actions showed why people feared having a muslim brotherhood government in power, that it would be a one person, one vote, one time experience, and i have to say, the fact that the military so far is silent, could indicate they're prepared to acquiesce in this. although people have said that the brotherhood and the military could never come to an agreement on rule in egypt. i've always believed that's a possibility. so i think this is very, very serious and it's one reason i favor suspending both economic and military aid to egypt until this gets resolved. >> rick, where is this going? because you know, they got rid of hosni mubarak out there because he was dictatorial and ruled with an iron fist and wanted something more akin to democracy and now you've fot pres
43, and obama. there is no denying that the opportunity to talk informally with the president is a very special thing. you come away having learned something about the person or about his policies. publicly, i have made a spectacle of myself so many times for better and worse.it is hard to say. host: let me share one moment in april of 1988, president ronald reagan. >> george bush is doing well. he has been a wonderful vice president. but nobody is perfect. i might put them in charge of anti-terrorism and the maclaughlin group is still on the air. but with so much focus on the presidential election i have been feeling a little lonely these days. i am so desperate for attention i almost considered holding a news conference. [laughter] host: as we watch that, was there a private ronald reagan? was he different off-camera than on the stage? guest: he really wasn't. you got the same stories about life in hollywood or california politics that you often got in public. he was in fact a very private man. but he was always cordial, always very pleasant. host: did he enjoy news conferen
to be my shot, but she also has to say look what happened last time. something totally unseen, barack obama came about. can that happen again? she also has to look at what does biden do. most people feel he won't run if she does. you don't know. what about andrew cuomo do? dan can say many of her people that would do the work, you are talking about where the players 20 years ago during the clinton years you have eight years of obama, new leadership around the country that don't have the same affection for the clintons that her school or her age class does, how does she get them enthusiastic enough to face a republican opponent if they can come up with a formidable one. she has a lot to weigh. i think she can make the right decision but it's not a slam dunk decision. >> kelly, what is the sense in washington? the clintons, either president clinton or secretary of state hillary clinton have been on the scene every day there for two decades and now they are gone for a moment. what is the sense, the video av? >> i think her making this decision i think you'd see a new generation of democrats wh
effective on this issue. >> you pointed out, using a social network, you know that was part of team obama's strategy. this long arm of the internet. and certainly, if you bring in zuckerberg, his millions of dollars, and his million of friends, this could be something that we've never seen before. especially from a person this young even. >> no question about it. and don't forget that the obama network knows how to use facebook. and during the campaign, if you clicked on obama's website, they would ask you immediately to sign in through facebook so they could get your whole network. so i wouldn't be surprised if we saw some sort of collaboration between two groups to reach as many people as possible. >> that would be interesting. i want to play the president's remarks. he was at the naturalization ceremony, regarding a bill. >> i expect a bill to be put forward. i expect the debate to begin next month. i want to sign that bill into law as soon as possible. >> throws the latest remarks on the president. the timing here that we're learning about zuckerberg, coincidence, what do you think? >
agenda to attack the second amendment. >> bougttom line, will presiden obama sign a new set of gun control measures? >> i hope we end up signing something that updates the system and gets those mentally incompetent and adjudicated into the system. we forced the administration somehow to enforce the federal gun laws. i know they don't want to do it but they ought to do it. it's their responsibility. that would make people safe. put programs like project exile in every american city where if you're a drug dealer, a gang member, or a felon and you touch a gun, it's a 100% certainty you're going to be prosecuted and tagen off the street. that ought to start tomorrow morning. but it won't do it unless the national media gets on the administration and calls them out for their incredible lack of enforcement of these laws. >> we're going to leave it there. wayne lapierre, always appreciate you coming on and taking my questions. >> thanks for having me. >>> coming up here, reaction and analysis from our roundtable on the gun debate. and the other big issue coming up this week at the supreme
, and then barack obama picked you to be the head of nie age. nih. how did that happen? >> medicine, non-partisan. may always be that way. that is something we should value if we care about our health and that of our family and our friends and our constituents. this is not something where republicans and democrats generally differ. the president9, in his brief made this announcement, and then i want to ask you what happened. [video clip] dowe knew the work that you would not get done if left solely to the private sector. some research does not lend itself to a quick profit, and that is why places like the nih were founded, and that is why my administration is for the pursuit of discovery, and that is why we are announcing we were awarded $5 billion, that is with a b, in grants through the recovery act to conduct cutting- edge research all across the america. >> assuming you were in the room, what happened to the $5 billion? >> it went to accelerate some very exciting science that otherwise would have taken a lot longer. we have talked about cancer. our ability to know for 20 different ca
to young people. young people want to be spoken to like they're adults and that is what barack obama did so well in 2008. he spent a lot of time going to college campuses and asked young people for their votes, which is something that i don't think politicians have done enough of. just gone to a campus and said, here i am, i'm cool, it's great to see you guys, but actually asking young people for their vote in the same way they ask people of other generations for their vote. >> host: if they go to college campuses at all. mitt romney and that campaign was criticized for largely avoiding college voters and maybe sort of giving up on them and writing them off. >> guest: yeah. i think that history is when you actually go to young street voters and reach out to them you have a chance of getting their vote. barack obama in 2008 -- one of the fascinating things about his campaign was that he actually rap a program in iowa, geared on high school students called barack stars because in iowa you can vote in the primary if you're 17 and will be 18 in the general. so he went to all these high schools
middle east peace and something lasting legacy that i can put on the board, if you will. but at this point i think, you know, president obama has gotten a lot of points for the eloquence and the cleverness with which he offered this speech over the head in some ways over region's stalemated political leadership but he hasn't really outlined a very new in terms of negotiating points platform that suggests we can pick up new diplomacy. frankly, we've been talking about such a daunting list of challenges for kerry to work on, it's hard to imagine that he's going to be bashing his head against a brick wall if that's what is still the case when it comes to the actual peace process. >> ifill: finally, he's very different or is he very different from hillary clinton from what we've seen for the last four years? is it substance? is it geography, the middle east instead of the east? >> i think he is going to be different from secretary clinton in the sense that, you know, people see this as probably his ultimate achievement as secretary of state. he's not necessarily looking forw
. it's something that exists and if i can change it i am going to try a hundred times over. an orphan, yityish relocated to israel to be with her grandparents when she was 12. obama has been one of her idols almost ever since. i did a research project about him in high school, and i know he is a very powerful man; charismatic, and he achieved a lot on his own by virtue of the fact that he believed in himself, and this stuck with me. as miss israel 2013, there will be ceremonies and appearances galore for yityish this year. i was chosen but because i made history as the first ethiopian. i feel i have to prove myself. i don't want to disappoint people that chose me. there are those gaps that exist not just in israel but in the whole world. still, she's determined not to let fame get the best of her. i tried to remain who i am and not imitate other things or people because that is the easiest thing to do. the easiest thing to do is to look at others and try and be like them. i will do my very best and i will do it my way. yityish often talks of her previous life as a child walking barefo
immigration reform insist you have to have proof of border security. in the past the government used something called operational control of the border and they have used various indices to measure whether the government was in control of x-many miles along the border with mexico but the obama administration threw that standard out. janet napolitano, homeland security secretary said it was archaic of the they said would come up with a super-duper measure of boarder security called the border security index or bci. two years passed and three years passed and they haven't come up with it. in a hearing before the house border security subcommittee last week the chairman of the committee said, is it ready yet? we really need this for immigration reform? homeland security official said, no, it's not ready yet. and by the way, it won't measure border security. and both republicans and democrats on that subcommittee seemed absolutely stunned. wait a minute, immigration reform depends on this and you will not have a way of measuring. and they said, no? they're back to square one how to measure border
the one that is going to win the order of the day. obama changed that in 2004. -- 2012. this generation of 18 to 40 year-old's see the world through less of red and blue and more purple. that is something that we will have to adopt, number one. no. 2, when you are looking at the broader landscape of what he is saying, i would agree, but here is the problem. why not chris christie? when chris christie is not allowed to speak at a national conservative convention because he did not pass the test on a few issues or he embraced the president during a time of crisis in his state, which is nothing short of ironic, because as a former state official i can tell you that when a hurricane hit maryland and we had devastation from snowstorms and all of that, yes, you look to your federal partners for help. at that time it was true with bush and we were very appreciative of the help that came from the federal government. why would chris christie be less appreciative of help from the federal government at a time when his state was under devastation? when we look at our politics through the prism, a l
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